Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Hey folks
So after a few games with my dwarfs and having a plan on how I see the army working I think I have them the way I want them.  They will shut down a magic phase, as well as be a bitch to fight.  It also got me thinking of my WoC army in which I think I gave up on them a little too early and shelved them.   I have learned quite a bit from playing the dwarfs in the sense of not running around the table and trying to kill every enemy unit but rather have a battle plan and stick to it. Yes of course react to cretin things but don’t abandon your plan.  Also playing Matty's fear bomb list was a bit of an insperation. 
Well I’m back to the WoC and have put together a list that I felt was pretty solid. After listening to some Pod Casts (the bad dice pod casts... Highly recommended for info on tourneys and tips, tricks, and tactics) that I had written a pretty standard, what they would call a Mindrazor Gateway list.  Basically your lvl 4 casts Infernal Gateway and your lvl 1 or 2 is there to cast Mindraror on your units.  I have been playing Warhammer now for close to five years and our gamming group has evolved from just some dudes having fun on a weekend to some very competitive matches, But we still have fun and are good sports about all of our matches.  I personally would like to start playing in more tourneys and not just the ones in the local area. 
So here is a quick run down of my list;
Mark of tzeentch
Conjoined Harmonics
Blood of Tzeentch
Dispel scroll
Disk of tzeentch
Book of Secrets
Favour of the Gods
Mark of Slaanesh
                WARRIORS of CHAOS x 18
Full Comd
Mark of Slaanesh
                CHAOS MARRAUDERS x 28
Full Comd
Mark of Khorne
Great Wpns
                CHAOS CHOSEN x 14
Full Comd
Mark of Slaanesh
                CHAOS CHARIOT x 1
                CHAOS WARSHRINE x 1
                HELLCANNON x 1

                I had the chance to field this list against a tomb king army last night and will just say that the WoC hit just a little bit harder the skeletons.  The match was really fun and gave both Ack and I a chance to see how our armies moved around the battle field.  I’m pretty sure it was Ack’s 5th time playing and he point sunk his list to get just shy of 2k but still with all that said his list put up a pretty good fight. He learned that right now deployment is his worst enemy and only due to the fact that he’s making the transition from 40K to fantasy where deployment can really hamper you right at the start. As well as finding the right match ups for his units.  I allways thought that the Mindrazor list was very over powerd the way people talked about it but I think this is not the hole true.  Really its up to the dice.  I found that unless you role good for the winds of magic, a Gateway / Mindrazor list is not really that over powered.  You can really dispel almost anything with the right rolls.  Out of the five turns I think I got mindrazor off twice and gateway once.  We were both rolling like crap for the winds, 5 & 1 or 4 & 2 constantly.  Once again, dice will win it or lose it for you.  
                Love the Chosen. Straight up curb stompers. I think it was the first time I used them properly and got the right match up.  I plan to play this list with minor changes here and there for the next few matches to get a better feel for it and how they movs on the table.  I will keep everyone updated on the matches and  I would appreciate any thoughts from you guys out there in the land of the geek.  For the next battles I will try to post battle reports with pics to give a better view of my tactics.  Hey who knows, I could be dead wrong on my thoughts but only time will tell. 
                 Right now I think the only thing to do is put the Mark of Tzeentch on the Warshrine just to get the 3+ ward.  All so maybe some gear for the Exalted Hero just for challenges.  He went in one last night and did well but it was against a Sgt not a hero.  I will say that one thing I am really not sure yet, is what units to put the hero and sorcerer in. Together, different, warriors, marauders? I will try a few different combos and see what works better. 

Friday, 23 December 2011

40K Bring the Swarm

Hey there folks
Our group has started playing 40K and will start posting battle reports in the New Year.  We have started to play 500 pts games just to get everyone up to speed on the rules and such.  It already looks like everyone is going to have a lot of fun.  I will be playing the TYRANIDS.  We hope to bring you all the excitement from all our games and any help or ideas for lists.
I do not or would not classify myself to be a subject matter expert on the Tyranids but after our first 6 500 pts matches, the guys are trying to find ways to deal with my swarm.  I am trying to base my swarm off of Star Ship Troopers.  My list WILL NOT have any models that shoot and all models will have the FEED rule. Now it will have phychic shooting but nothing with a gun of any sort.  I will try it out and let everyone know what happens.  From looking at how things are working and listening to the guys trying to find rules that slow me down and dirty tricks to stop my swarm, in every case I just say, ok well what about the other 60 bugs on that side of the table....
All though I am in my glory now, I’m sure things will change as we move to higher point games. The real test will be when we start a campaign. For now that’s all I got, so keep rolling the dice because it doesn’t matter that you have a 2+ save when you have to roll 30 dice.  You will fail some of them......

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Helpful tips for new players

Whether your playing Warhammer or any other table top game. I like to review the rules that may have been a problem the last game or different abilities that you don't want to forget about. I wright them down on paper and I allways have a note pad at the table. No ones perfect and we all forget thing but you can try not to forget them when they will really make a difference.

Remember these are games and there suppose to be fun. Dice don't make the world turn but they can either work for you or against you. Sometimes you just cant beat the Dice.......... I hate my dice right

WoC 1000pts list

Here is the 1000pts List I have been running.

Chaos Sorcerer lvl 2 w/ Mark of Tzeentch, Glaive of Putrefaction, Bronze Armor Of Zhrakk

15x Chaos Warriors w/ Full cmd, shield, Mark of Slaanesh
25x Chaos Marauders w/ Full Cmd, Great Weapons, Mark of Slaanesh
5x Chaos Hounds
5x Chaos Hounds

10x Chaos Chosen w/ Champion, extra hand weapon, Mark Of Slaanesh

1x  Scyla Anfingrimm
First  I would like to say that although my army doesn't play or look like a slaanesh army, I took the mark for one reason. Immune to psychology (TERROR, FEAR, AND PANIC ). The mark is the cheapest and if used correctly the most effective.
Magic- Now that I have the points I Leveled him up to get another spell and a Mark. remember look at the enemy before you pick your spells and lore. Use the most effective. All so some war gear to make him not a slump in combat since he has to and can never refuse a challenge. the Glaive, if you score a wound on a model, his Strength and toughness is lowered to 2 for the rest of the game. This means that when the Marauders with the Sorcerer go into combat hopefully in the challenge he scores a wound on the enemy character. Now your Marauders will mop him up. The Bronze Armour Zhrakk I use because of the abilities it gives. Immune to psychology immune to poison attack and killing blow. Since I know he is going into combat I tried to give him the best shot at winning.

Also added the Chosen and filled out the units a bit for the numbers. The Spawn I changed to the named one because of the movement, 3d6 and d6 +2 attacks. he can run up a flank and take out war machines him self or support any unit on the table. He can also issue and accept challenges. If you haven't realized yet that challenges are good for us and you want to win them, learn that right now! EYE of THE GODS, some of the abilities are game changers at the right time.

WoC 500pts

Here is my 500pts list that I was running with in my group.

Chaos Sorcerer  with Barded Steed

Chaos Warriors x 10 with Full Command and Shields
Chaos Marauders x 15 with Full Command and Great Weapons
Chaos Hounds x 5
Chaos Hounds x 5

Chaos Spawn x 1

This list works out to be 501pts. In my group we play +/- 5pts as long as no full models can come off. The armies I have faced with this list were Vampires, Empire, and Daemons. I was undefeated at this points cost. I found that playing this list I learned alot about what the army could do. No one wants to get into combat with the Warriors, there just bad ass at this points cost. As well my opponents looked and see the Marauders as a favorable charge. So the get Charged, you just need them to hold so the warriors or the spawn or even the dogs can support. Once the marauders attack back in the first round of combat with their great weapons, you will see the enemy fall apart.

This was the very first list that i used a Spawn in. They move 2d6 and if you run a unit of dogs with it for support, they can take care of any war machine. The Hounds are just in to give the other units support all so for charge reactions. In this I mean the warriors declare a charge at a weaker unit, they flee. Take a leadership test to redirect your charge to a different unit. Then declare a charge with your hounds on the unit that is fleeing and the only thing they can do is FLEE and then you run them down or right off the table.

Magic! I started with Fire and then used Death or Shadow. With this list Death. very effective against leadership ( Daemons and Vampires their leadership is there own worst enemy). The only thing i would say about magic is that you really need to know what will work on your enemy. Even if you only get 1 spell and it turns out to be week. You must find a way to use it to the best of your ability.....

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Warriors of Chaos in 8th

I started playing WHF about 5 years ago and the WoC were my first army. I`ve used most of the units from the book but have never really put a proper list together. I have always gone in the way of making a army that looks good with alot of warriors, knights, and chariot. If you know anything about the WoC book that will tell you that when your on the field with an army like that then you are going to be out numbered 3 to 1.
The gaming group that I play with has started a escalation type campaign. This has given me a real good opportunity to really look at my army. We as a group have made the decision to start playing more competitive. If and when we get to our first tournament, I hope we are prepared. the Campaign started with a 500 pts then moves up in 500 pts block after everyone plays everyone else once. I went trough the first 500 pts battles very differently then I'm used to or thought It would be like, undefeated. after moving to the 1000 pts block I have one more game to play then we will move to 1500 pts.  I have learned a few very key things to help in my quest for victory. 1; read your hole book and make sure you know and understand your army. I don`t mean this in the way of the basic rules to your army but in the sense that you understand the rules around your army and when something happens in a match, you know what will happen to your army or how to counter it. 2; come to terms with it you are going to be out numbered. You need to look at the opponent and find out what units will fight what unit first, how they will fight, and who is going to support them. 3; And this one go`s to any WHF player. Look and count the points of the combat before you charge. I mean if you want to charge, count up the points in your head before you declare. + 1 for charge, +1 or +2 for flank and rear, Banners, And then you will know if you need to kill to many to win or if you need more support. I will go into greater detail at a later time but remember as a Chaos General you must always want to crush your  opponent. let him pay for the beers after the game......